AE Milk – our #1 ingredient is passion

Gluten FreePurity. Our favorite word. That’s because everything begins with the freshest raw milk straight from Iowa family farms. We use a two-part testing system for all raw milk. The first is a sensory test which includes smelling and tasting. The second is a thorough laboratory test.  We’re also sticklers for the Pass/Fail system. So if either test is questionable, rejection is immediate. Plus, we’re always tasting everything, and we don’t always wait for Thursday Taste Test (something we’ve been doing since the dairy’s start). AE Milks are gluten-free and we don’t accept milk from the farm with added hormones*, antibiotics or pesticides because that’s the way milk should be. 

*No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from r-bST/r-BGH treated and non-r-bST/r-BGH treated cows.

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    Varieties & Nutrition    
    Ways To Enjoy    
  • Stir AE Milk into soups, oatmeal and mashed potatoes.
  • Add regular or flavored milk to create your favorite coffee house treat such as lattes and mochas.
  • View recipes featuring AE Milk
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