We keep it

We keep it Moooving with happy cows

Dairy is meant to be enjoyed fresh. And in this business, fresh means fast. Anderson Erickson Dairy carefully selects milk from trusted local dairy farms to ensure our milk and other products enjoy a short trip from the farm to the fridge.

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The freshest ideas come fromIowae.

Spring is in the air! AE Dairy is rolling out our favorite seasonal products that reflect the bright, refreshing flavors of spring. Whether you’re getting started on a new garden or some spring cleaning, these seasonal products are a great way to reward yourself.

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A culture of

A culture of goodness

Our culture spans generations, for almost 100 years! Our employees helped build this legacy, and their contributions are a cornerstone of what makes AE Dairy great. Join our team and find out why we pride ourselves on being home-grown and committed to giving back to our local communities.

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ae for every meal

While AE products make a great solo act, they can also be sumptuous additions to many of your favorite recipes. Whether you prefer sweet satisfaction or savory delight, there are dozens of ways to enhance recipes with AE products.

AE Icon Fans Can’t Get Enough

ask annie & eric

Got questions? You won’t find anyone more familiar with AE Dairy than our resident experts, Annie & Eric. Excuse any spelling errors. Typing with hooves is a little tough, after all.

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Where to Find the GOOD STUFF

On the hunt for happiness? Find your nearest source of quality dairy with our map of participating retailers. Remember, AE marks the spot.
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