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So local, we're a part of Iowa

Since 1930, AE Dairy has made fresh, delicious dairy products right here in Iowa with milk from Iowa farms. We've gained several fans along the way.


My grandfather, Iver Erickson, started AE Dairy in 1930 during the Depression (not a great time to open business). And the competition was pretty stiff — there were 150 dairies in Des Moines with operating permits. Since 1930 we’ve immersed ourselves in all things dairy because dairy products have a way of bringing people together. It always makes our day when customers contact us to share their stories (we call them “love letters”) about favorite AE products and memories.

Generations of brining families together, AE Dairy has been serving families for over 90 years, historical AE milk bottles and milk box

When it comes to passion, ours is creating great-tasting dairy in flavors that people love, because we think dairy products should not only be part of a healthy diet — they should taste incredible too. It’s one of the reasons we continue the tradition started in 1930 of taste-testing every product we make every week. Everything we do is all about great taste, so we do lots of tasting and testing before we introduce new flavors. Sometimes it takes months or years to get a flavor just right.

AE Dairy Old Fashioned Cottage CheeseWhile great taste is our goal, an unyielding focus on quality is our requirement. We are constantly challenging ourselves to be the best at dairying. All our milk comes from Iowa family farms, and all AE products are made in Des Moines, arriving in stores within hours so you know they’re fresh.  All AE milk is free from antibiotics, pesticides and added growth hormones.And, everything is tested and retested (more times than you could imagine) for purity.

Miriam Erickson BrownWe aren’t the biggest dairy out there, but we don’t want to be. We just want you to be delighted. And we’ve got lots of ideas and are already working on creating the next best thing. So thanks for inviting AE Dairy into your fridge. We promise to share our love of dairy with you.

Miriam Erickson Brown
CEO / Chair, Anderson Erickson Dairy

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