Today, Our Traditions Remain Strong

The hard work paid off. AE Dairy continued to grow, sharing delicious dairy with a growing list of fans. AE was firmly established by 1938 as one of the favored dairies in Des Moines and across Iowa. That same year, we moved to our current location and opened the dairy with a public tour for neighbors and the community, with everyone receiving samples at the end. By the turn of the millennium, AE could be found in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois and Minnesota as well as Iowa.

Our success is due in part to our commitment to enduring traditions, like our weekly Taste Test to make sure every AE product meets our ridiculously high standards. This tasting tradition started all the way back in 1930 with Iver and continues today under his granddaughter Miriam. We use time-tested recipes and ingredients, and we don’t skimp on quality. With double the gourmet blend of cocoa, extra time for culturing cottage cheese and sour cream, and plenty of real fruit in our yogurt and other products, tradition and premium quality go hand in hand. But we’re also always looking to the future, introducing dozens of new flavors and other dairy innovations.