Love Letters from Some of

Love Letters from Some of

Our Best Fans

Anderson Erickson Dairy couldn’t be prouder that we make our customers proud to be from Iowa. In fact, we often get love letters from our fans across the country about how other dairy products just can’t measure up. While we’re not competitive, it’s nice to be recognized for the consistent quality we work hard to maintain.

Check out some of the letters we’ve received from fans. And if you’re so inclined, write your own! We’re always happy to hear from you.

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From Far and Wide - AE Fan Mail

Whether you were born and raised in Iowa or just moved in, AE products are a reminder that this is a great place to live! In fact, AE Dairy is often one of the things people miss most when they move away. While it's important for us to stay local to ensure quality and a sense of community, we're so proud to have fans across the country. Check out the video below to see why we love receiving your fan mail and "love letters" to quality dairy.

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Game. Changing. Whole Milk Yogurt.

I just purchased some of your whole milk yogurts for the first time to try them out and, holy cats, they are so good. I’ve tried to get on the yogurt train in the past when I’m trying to eat healthier only to remember that I don’t actually like the flavor and texture that much or the flavors are always the same blah blah blah and then they sit in my fridge until I throw them in a smoothie or throw them out after they expire. Game. Changed. This yogurt is so creamy, the texture is perfect and the flavors are not boring at all. This is yogurt that got its PHD and has written best selling novels. I’m officially obsessed.

– Katie H.

AE Dairy

California Dairy Dreams

Just wanted to say how much I love the products coming from AE! I’m not from Iowa, having moved from California originally, and over the course of a few years have been trying all the different products. My favorite is the eggnog, absolutely the best on the market anywhere hands down. The yogurts and everything else is amazing, I can’t say enough how amazed I am to be able to enjoy such a great product! Thank you!

– Karl J.

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Quality Comes First

Quality Comes First

We taste test all our products every single week on Thursdays. We've had more than 6,000 weekly taste tests!

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AE has lots of choices to offer, like fresh, creamy milk and zesty party dip. Check out our full list of dairy products to find your unique flavors of happiness.

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