Why Dairy?

Individuals and families today are looking closer at the foods and beverages they choose for meals and snacks. Here’s why we recommend including dairy:

AE Chocolate Milk Icy Cold To Go is a great way to refuel after a workoutProblem solver - The Probiotics (live active cultures) in yogurt aid in digestion. Milk helps maintain a healthy weight, builds strong bones, helps prevent high blood pressure and diabetes, reduces the risk of certain cancers, and protects against tooth decay.

Personal Trainer - The protein and carbohydrate combination in milk and chocolate milk fuels your body after a workout better than sports drinks. The protein in dairy products provides energy, satiety and helps build strong bones.

Budget Stretcher – One glass of milk (regular and flavored) contains 9 essential nutrients including protein, calcium, potassium and Vitamin D. Replacing those nutrients through other foods increases cost, fat, sodium and sugar in the diet.

And, dairy is:

Irreplaceable – Milk is the #1 dietary source of 3 out of 4 nutrients of public health concern – calcium, potassium and Vitamin D. Milk is the #1 source of protein for kids age 2-8.  The 9 nutrients in milk work together to aid calcium absorption more effectively than supplements.

Complete – Regular milk drinkers have better quality diets and are leaner than non-milk drinkers.  AE Milk, Yogurts and Cottage Cheese are good sources of high quality protein with flavor choices and variety for every taste. For example:  8 oz. Milk = 8 grams protein; 4 oz. Cottage Cheese = 12 grams; 6 oz. Whole Milk Yogurt = 12 grams.

HIgh quality protein sources from AE Dairy

Powered by Protein

Blueberry muffins with AE Dairy MilkIf you’re looking to include more protein in your diet, dairy is a great source.  Protein is an essential nutrient for good health. Made up of tiny building blocks called essential amino acids, protein is found in every cell of the body. The natural protein found in milk, yogurt and cottage cheese can help power your plate and your lifestyle because:

Quality and quantity counts – dairy protein is naturally occurring and provides 9 essential amino acids which your body can’t make on its own. Real dairy milk provides 8 grams of protein in every 1 cup serving compared to most Almond Milks at one 1 gram per 1 cup serving.

It’s complete – dairy protein provides the right amount and proportion of these essential amino acids.  Plant sources of protein are incomplete, and can’t be used as efficiently by the body.

Timing matters – your body needs a steady supply of protein because it can only use a certain amount at a time.  Eating dairy protein at breakfast provides energy and can keep you feeling full and satisfied to help curb cravings throughout the day.

Muscles matter – maintaining muscle mass is important for metabolism and healthy weight.  Eating dairy protein after a tough workout helps repair and rebuild muscle.

It’s lean – low fat and fat free dairy protein is a heart-healthy option which is critical to overall good health.


Beneficial Probiotics

NOURISH Lactose Free Reduced Fact Milk with ProbioticsWe usually think of bacteria as something to be eliminated, but many dairy products are sources of friendly bacteria that nourish the body to help you feel your best.

Two examples of these beneficial bacteria are Acidophilus and bifidum which can aid digestion. In addition to helping us absorb food and minerals, they also aid in the manufacture of B vitamins and amino acids, and produce lactase and other antibacterial substances.

When the digestive tract is healthy, the growth of good bacteria helps to crowd out disease-causing bacteria and make conditions unfavorable for their growth.  A poor diet, illnesses and prescription medicines can lessen the amount of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract.  

Acidophilus and bifidum help to maintain the proper balance of these healthy bacteria that keep your body feeling good.  They also help the body:

  • Keep the intestines clean
  • Eliminate bad breath, flatulence and constipation
  • Eliminate excessive body odor
  • Improve the complexion
  • Relieve fatigue and red eyes
  • Guard against intestinal upsets when on holiday
  • Reverse the intestinal damage caused by antibiotics


AE Dairy adds Acidophilus and bifidum cultures to milk, cottage cheese, and yogurt. These cultures are odorless and tasteless and may even help those who have difficulty digesting lactose. The milk, cottage cheese, and yogurt are crafted with billions of probiotics which are especially beneficial because all AE products are made in Des Moines and hours fresh when they arrive on store shelves. Following is the list of products that contain Acidophilus and bifidum:


NOURISH Whole Milk with Probiotics and No Lactose

NOURISH Reduced Fat Milk with Probiotics and No Lactose

AE Healthy All Over Fat Free Cottage Cheese

AE YoLite, Lowfat and Whole Milk Yogurts


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