AE Dips

AE Dips - our BFF

Dipping versus spreading. It’s all relative to us. Never have we witnessed such drama over dip. The stars are simple; fresh, smooth AE Sour Cream and seasoning like you’ve never had (because you haven’t). They’re our own special blend, and we make our dips in small batches. It takes about 18 hours to create the just-right tanginess and smooth texture. AE Dips have been voted one of “the most missed products” by Iowans who’ve moved away. From Buffalo Ranch to Party, you’ve got eleven choices.

AE Dips are NOT gluten-free because the custom-blended spices are made in a facility where baked goods are prepared.
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  • Substitute AE Dip for mayonnaise in potato salad or deviled eggs.
  • Spoon AE Dips into a cup or small Mason jar and top with fresh veggie spears for a "to go" snack or appetizer.
  • Spread AE Dip on burgers and sandwiches.
  • View recipes featuring AE Dips.
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