Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte

Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte

Craving a coffee-shop worthy beverage then try this creamy latte with a twist!
10 Minutes prep time
Prep Time

10 Minutes

serves 2


6 Minutes cook time
Cook Time

6 Minutes

medium difficulty




  • 1

    Pour the Brown Sugar Rosemary Syrup and a generous amount of whole milk into your mug.

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  • 2

    Heat in the microwave for 1 minute.

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  • 3

    Use the little whisk attachment that comes with your handheld mixer to froth your milk by twirling it in your hands until the milk is nice and frothy (or a milk frother if you're fancy and own one).

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  • 4

    Pour brewed coffee on top to fill your mug.

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  • 5


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Brown Sugar Rosemary Syrup

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