Recipes Featuring AE Dairy Cottage Cheese

Blintzes with Triple Berry Sauce
Jazz up breakfast with this simple and delicious protein rich combo. Purchased crepes are filled with creamy cottage cheese and dressed up with a triple berry sauce.
Cheesy Chicken & Artichoke Dip
AE Cottage Cheese and Whole Milk Yogurt add flavor and creamy texture in this spin on a pub classic. It’s delicious with pita crisps or fresh veggies for dipping, but we also love it as a topper on baked potatoes!
Chicken 'n Cheese Enchiladas
Swap AE Cottage Cheese for some of the hard, full fat cheese in these enchiladas for a boost of protein and added creaminess.
Cottage and Veggie Twice Baked
This twice baked potato could be a meal by itself with the addition of AE Cottage Cheese and fresh veggies of your choice. A delicious side with grilled meat.
Cottage Pear Bruschetta
A savory and sweet take on Bruschetta made with AE Cottage Cheese that's perfect for breakfast or a quick snack.
Crustless Cottage Cheese Quiches with Bacon, Corn and Cheddar
A cross between a muffin and a crustless quiche, these are tasty protein fuel made with AE Cottage Cheese for a "Grab and Go" breakfast or sit-down brunch. The fresh tomato relish makes them company worthy and using a blend of roasted corn and peppers adds a delicious flavor layer.
Fluffy Cottage Eggs
AE Cottage Cheese + scrambled eggs = protein packed fuel that's fluffier, creamier and more flavorful.
Garden Quiche with Candied Tomato Salsa
Creamy AE Cottage Cheese adds protein to this vegetable-packed quiche. We like using shiitake mushrooms best because they don’t give off as much moisture as button mushrooms. If using button mushrooms, be sure to sauté them thoroughly so the quiche isn’t runny. The fresh flavor of the tomato salsa is a must-have!
Grandma Erickson's Mac 'n Cheese
Here it is, the Erickson family version of a comfort food classic! Served with a crisp green salad on the side, it’s a meal in itself.
Green Chili Egg Bake
Green chilies give this creamy, cheesy breakfast casserole a Southwestern twist.
Greens, Berries and Cheese Salad
An easy swap of AE Cottage Cheese for the usual hard cheese topping transforms this salad into a protein packed, hunger satisfying meal.
Lazy Day Lasagna
We thought about giving this a new name because simple and tasty shouldn't be confused with lazy. AE Cottage Cheese boosts flavor, creaminess and protein in this classic Italian dish.
Lite Chicken Alfredo
AE Milk and Cottage Cheese partner in this makeover.
Mr. E’s Manicotti
Mr. E’s Garden Veggie Cottage Cheese adds a flavorful touch to this savory stuffed manicotti. Because the dish is assembled a day before baking, it’s ideal for busy schedules, but is also special enough to “wow” guests.
Orange-Cottage Cheese Pancakes with Blueberries & Marmalade Syrup
Blueberry pancakes with a creamy, protein twist.
Parmesan Pepper Dressing
AE Buttermilk and Cottage Cheese team up to give this simple salad dressing a farm-fresh tang.
Rise and Dine Breakfast Potato Casserole
Frozen hash browns form the crust for bacon, egg and cottage cheesiness.
Spicy Cottage Eggs
Curry, cayenne and cottage (cheese, that is) combine in this picnic staple update.
Tomato Cottage Cheese Tart
With roots in the South, this summer gardener’s delight pairs fresh tomatoes and basil with creamy cottage cheese in a crust for a satisfying meatless entrée or complimentary side.
Tomato Pesto Egg Baguette Boats
Pizza for breakfast? Yes! This new take on an egg bake fills French bread with the classic Italian flavors of tomatoes, basil and mozzarella and creamy AE Cottage Cheese. We love that it’s vegetarian, but a little cooked Italian sausage sprinkled inside is a delicious option too.
Twice Baked Potatoes
Potatoes get the royal treatment with dairy creaminess from four of our AE favorites, including Dip and Cottage Cheese
Vanilla Cheesecake
True vanilla cheese cakiness.
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