Lowfat Ground Beef Stroganoff

Lowfat Ground Beef Stroganoff

Dash through dinner with this quick Ground Beef Stroganoff recipe. A shortened, 30-minute version of the classic dish, featuring a creamy and tangy sauce made with our own AE Plain Lowfat Yogurt.
Recipe courtesy of Ally’s Sweet and Savory Food
10 Minutes prep time
Prep Time

10 Minutes

serves 8


30 Minutes cook time
Cook Time

30 Minutes

easy difficulty



  • 1

    Melt two tablespoons of butter in a large skillet. Add in ground beef seasoning with salt and pepper and cook until the juices are no longer pink.

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  • 2

    Remove the cooked beef from the skillet and drain off any grease. Set aside.

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  • 3

    In a large pot, heat water to boil and cook the egg noodles according to the directions associated with the package.

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  • 4

    Add diced onions with the remaining butter into the large skillet. Saute the onions until translucent and soft.

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  • 5

    Add mushrooms into the skillet and continue to saute for 2-3 minutes.

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  • 6

    Pour in a ½ cup of the beef stock and with a spoon or spatula scrap up the brown bits from the bottom of the skillet, stirring all to combine for a couple minutes.

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  • 7

    In a large measuring cup whisk together the remaining beef stock, Worcestershire sauce and flour. Once combined, add to the pan with sauteed veggies and stir until the sauce begins to thicken.

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  • 8

    Add the cooked ground beef into the thickened sauce.

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  • 9

    Swirl in AE Dairy plain yogurt and garlic powder. Season with salt and pepper as desired.

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  • 10

    Pour the stroganoff over the warm egg noodles before serving, garnishing with dried parsley if desired.

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