Since our start over 90 years ago, we’ve cultivated a philosophy of being good stewards. This includes the care we take in maintaining our equipment, fleet, buildings and grounds, as well as what we do with materials used to package and transport our products. And, it goes beyond our doors to how we support our neighbors and local communities by giving back.


AE by the Numbers and Making a Difference in our Community

Promoting a More Sustainable Dairy

Our desire to treat the earth’s resources well means that we need to challenge ourselves on what we use and identify how to do it even better. Some of the steps we take include:

  • Weekly recycling of cardboard packaging by a local company to save approximately 720 cubic yards of landfill space and provide annual energy savings equivalent to the needs of three households

  • Yearly recycling of plastic to produce 1 million new gallon jugs

  • Recapping some 277 truck tires (enough for 69 automobiles) to extend their longevity

  • Recycling 2,200 gallons of oil for a net effect of zero

  • Washing our milk crates with recovered wash water

  • Working with the Department of Natural Resources to identify additional ways to conserve and reuse water in our facility

  • Participating in regular energy audits to monitor and adjust our usage


AE Dairy donates milk to area organizations and events, like this Living History Farms race

Nourishing our Community

We believe in sharing our products with those who need them most, as well as in giving of our resources, time and talent. This includes:

  • Being the first donor to the Food Bank of Iowa in Des Moines more than 35 years ago, and continuing to make weekly contributions of milk and dairy

  • Establishing and maintaining a comprehensive partnership with a local elementary school for over 35 years that includes a mentorship program, purchase of school materials and equipment, product donations and employee contributions of clothing and books

  • Donating AE milk, juice and yogurt to hundreds of cause-related walks, races and events such as the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk, JDRF One Walk, Living History Farms Off Road Race and Komen Des Moines Race For the Cure

  • Continuing a 32 year tradition of supporting the annual Trolley Run in Kansas City to benefit the Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired

  • Volunteering by company leaders and employees to serve numerous civic organizations and nonprofits such as The Des Moines Botanical Center, Des Moines Metro Opera, Des Moines Performing Arts Center, Goodwill of Iowa, Keep Iowa Beautiful, The Greater Des Moines Partnership (Chamber) as well as many area churches

  • Beautifying our grounds by planting 40,000 tulips bulbs and inviting employees, neighbors and area organizations to take them after they’ve bloomed to replant them at their home or business

AE Dairy support thousands of worthy organizations

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