Goodness Takes Time

For over 91 years now, at AE Dairy, we’ve believed that goodness takes time. So it’s been our mission to always take the time to do what’s right: for our products, our community, our team-members, and the world we live in. 


Goodness Goes Beyond The Dairy

We live here, too. So, for us, taking the time to support and engage our neighbors, friends, and families locally is in our DNA. From schools to food banks, from fun runs to fun with flowers, doing the right things for our community has always felt right to us.

AE milk and dairy donations

We have been making weekly milk and dairy donations tothe Food Bank of Iowa in Des Moines for over 36 years. (We were their first donor, and happy to continue on!)

We have a long history of supporting local schools through mentorship programs, clothing and book drives, plus financial support to those in need.

Mentorship and donations to local schools
walks and races

AE Dairy annually donates to dozens of cause-related walks, races, and community events — such as the Living History Farms Road-O-Cross Off-Road Race, JDRF One Walk, and a 31-year tradition of supporting the annual CCVI Trolley Run in Kansas City.

For decades, each fall, 40,000 tulip bulbs are planted on our campus. After they bloom each spring, employees, neighbors, and area organizations are invited to take the bulbs and replant them at their home or business.

orange tulips at AE Dairy headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa
community volunteering

Employees volunteer their time to serve countless civic organizations and nonprofits in their communities.


A Sustainable Dairy

At AE Dairy, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to use our resources as responsibly as possible. This includes a company-wide recycling program, plus consistent efforts to extend the longevity of our equipment and fleet.


Weekly, enough cardboard is recycled to save roughly 1,300 cubic yards of landfill space and to provide energy savings equivalent to the needs of five households.

Yearly, enough plastic is recycled to produce 1 million new gallon jugs and enough wood to create more than 2,500 four-drawer chests.

In 2020, some 146 truck tires were recapped to extend their longevity, and 3,800 gallons of oil were recycled, bringing the net effect to zero. 





We know we can do more, so we’re always looking for ways to improve our sustainability efforts. 

At AE Dairy, we have ridiculously high standards for everything we create, and those standards extend to the goodness we can all share with one another. Follow us online to keep up with all we’re doing. 

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