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Where to Buy AE Products

Where to Buy AE Products

You will find AE products in most stores throughout Iowa and the Kansas City metro area. AE products such as Dips, Sour Cream and some Yogurts are available in bordering states. Here is a list of stores in each state, plus tips on how to ship AE products to fans outside these areas.


Check with your local store manager for specific products and to request your flavor favorites. 

IOWA: Fareway, Hy-Vee, Price Chopper, Target Super Centers, Walmart Super Centers, most convenience stores

KANSAS CITY AREA: Apple Market, Cash Saver, Checkers, Country Mart, Hen House, Hy-Vee, Price Chopper, Payless, Sunfresh, Thriftway

ILLINOIS: Fareway, Hy-Vee, Jewel-Osco

MINNESOTA: Fareway, Hy-Vee


SOUTH DAKOTA: Fareway, Hy-Vee



How to ship AE products outside of AE territory

While we are unable to ship our highly perishable dairy products outside our distribution area currently, we can offer some tips so that your friends and family at a distance can enjoy the high quality taste of AE.  

We recommend shipping FedEx next day air, but you can try 2nd day delivery to save shipping charges.


  • Styrofoam cooler
  • Cardboard box the Styro cooler will fit into
  • Ziploc bags
  • Heavy garbage bag
  • Blue ice



  1. Start by taping the lids down on the cottage cheese containers.

  2. Place cottage cheese containers into ziploc bags to protect them from leaking during shipping.

  3. Place ziploc bags with cottage cheese into a large garbage bag that will be placed into the cooler.

  4. Generously pack ice all around the cottage cheese in the garbage bag in the cooler. (This will prevent the ice from leaking water out of the cooler as it melts.)

  5. Seal the garbage bag.

  6. Place cooler lid on cooler and tape shut.

  7. Place cooler into cardboard box.

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