AE NOURISH Milk & Yogurt – made with healthy probiotics – and without the lactose – to nourish your body and brain!

At AE Dairy we’re always searching for ways to help families lead the healthiest, happiest, most deliciously, wonderful life possible. And now, we’re bursting with pride to introduce our newest lactose free product line: NOURISH Milk and Yogurt.

Lactose free and fortified with probiotics, AE NOURISH products are available in Whole MilkReduced Fat Milk, and Whole Milk Yogurt.

    Varieties & Nutrition    
    Ways To Enjoy    
  • Lactose Free AE NOURISH Milk and Yogurt perfectly swap into any recipe that calls for regular milk or yogurt.
  • Add NOURISH Milk to your coffee and get the bonus of added probiotics.
  • Swap AE Lactose Free Milk or Yogurt for water to make creamier oatmeal and soups.
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