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Half & Half

Quick Facts

Protein: <1gg

Calcium: 30mgmg

Calories: 40

Serving Size: 2 tbsp

Available Sizes: Quart, Pint

Blended Bliss

AE half & half is a pure, fresh, and smooth 50/50 blend of whole milk and cream that is all-natural and hours fresh before it arrives on store shelves. This is the cream that coffee dreams about, and it works well in soups and sauces too. If you haven’t seen it in stores, find it at your nearest source of AE below. 

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Nutrition Facts

Total Fat 3gg4%%

Saturated Fat 2gg1%%

Calories 40

Cholesterol 15mgmg5%%

Sodium 15mgmg1%%

Total Carbs 1gg0%

Total Sugar 1gg

Protein <1gg%

Calcium 30mgmg2%%

Potassium 40mgmg0%

*Please refer to label on your product for the most accurate nutrition, ingredient and allergen information.

**Based on tbsp serving size.





Enrich a Recipe with AE Milk or Cream

High-quality milk and cream can have a huge difference in the texture and overall flavor of the recipe you’re trying. AE Dairy’s delicious milk and cream are the perfect choice for ingredients thanks to local sources and high standards. Try these recipes with AE milk or cream.

Enrich a Recipe with AE Milk or Cream
Enrich a Recipe with AE Milk or Cream

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