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100% Orange Juice

Quick Facts

Protein: 1g

Calcium: 20mg

Calories: 120

Serving Size: 1 cup

Available Sizes: Gallon, Half Gallon, Quart, 12oz

Sweeter than the Average Juice

Our orange juice is made with a variety of oranges, including sweet notes from Valencia oranges that give our juice a premium taste. With no added preservatives or sugar, you get nothing but pure, deliciously vibrant orange flavor.

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Nutrition Facts

Calories 120

Total Carbs 29g10%

Dietary Fiber <1g3%

Total Sugar 21g

Protein 1g%

Calcium 20mg0%

Potassium 440mg10%

Vitamin C 83mg90%

Folate 50mg10%

*Please refer to label on your product for the most accurate nutrition, ingredient and allergen information.

**Based on 1 cup serving size.



Refresh a Recipe with AE Lemonade and Juice

At AE Dairy, we love to get creative with fresh citrus flavor in our lemonade and orange juice. Whether it’s jazzing up lemonade with a splash of fresh fruit or adding the tang of our orange juice to a recipe for sauce, finding inspiration is easy. Find out what these smooth, yet zesty flavors can offer your next recipe.

Refresh a Recipe with AE Lemonade and Juice
Refresh a Recipe with AE Lemonade and Juice

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