AE Sour Cream

AE Sour Cream - worth the wait

Gluten FreeIf you’re for tried and true, then AE Sour Cream is the one. Because we receive milk from Iowa family farms daily, our sour cream is made with the freshest cream compared to others that have to ship it in (think days old). Good things can’t be rushed so we take our time culturing the cream (about 18 hours in all) until it has the perfect smoothness and flavor. All the ingredients work together to create a just-right tanginess and a sour cream that can stand up to any hot baked potato.


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    Ways To Enjoy    
  • Use AE Sour Cream as a savory topper for baked potatos, burritos and tacos.
  • Improve flavor and moistness in cakes, breads and muffins with AE Sour Cream.
  • View recipes featuring AE Sour Cream.
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