Unsweetened Whole Milk Yogurt

Unsweetened Whole Milk Yogurt by AE Dairy: The yogurt that does more than just yogurt.

Thick and satisfyingly creamy, this yogurt contains no added flavor or sugar. The mild taste of this plain yogurt makes it the perfect foundation for added flavor customization.


Made Fresh. Made Local. Made in Iowa. AE Dairy

Like all AE Yogurt, it is made with milk that’s hours fresh from Iowa family farms.

AE Yogurt is made locally (in Des Moines, IA), and doesn’t have far to travel to reach grocers’ shelves. The yogurt is not only fresher, but the probiotics which lessen over time, are more beneficial for your body.

Each 5.3 oz. serving provides 14 grams of high quality, lean protein, added Vitamin D, hundreds of billions of Probiotics with 0 added sugar.




Your Ideal Baking and Cooking Partner

Swap this into your recipes! With whole milk as the main ingredient, this yogurt makes an ideal baking and cooking partner and can be a perfect swap in recipes that call for sweetened yogurt or regular sour cream. 

  • Swap for sour cream in recipes either as a 1:1 substitution or use half yogurt and half sour cream. 
  • Use to replace oil in cake recipes.
  • Substitute it into these favorites AE recipes!


Healthy Yogurt Banana Bread recipe

Healthy Yogurt Banana Bread

This healthy banana bread is made with whole-wheat flour, olive oil, honey and AE Unsweetened Whole Milk Yogurt. It's surprisingly moist, tender, and packed with healthy fats, whole grains, and protein!   VIEW RECIPE »



Fudgy Brownies recipe


Fudgy Brownies

The addition of AE Sour Cream or Unsweetened Whole Milk Yogurt (the whole milk yogurt is a perfect stand in for sour cream) make for moist and fudgy brownies and provide the ultimate chocolate rush! The instant coffee granules help amp up the flavor of the chocolate.   VIEW RECIPE »



Tropical Fruit Smoothie recipe


Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Fresh mango and lime juice pair up with AE Whole Milk Yogurt (we recommend either Unsweetened or Sweet Cream) for a refreshing, protein-packed smoothie a.k.a. ‘a tropical retreat in a glass’.  VIEW RECIPE »



Mashed Cauliflower recipe


Mashed Cauliflower

The texture and mild flavor of this cousin to the common cabbage gets a tasty makeover with the addition of garlic and the creamy sour cream or Unsweetened Whole Milk Yogurt. Our Unsweetened Whole Milk Yogurt makes the perfect swap for sour cream in cooking and baking.  VIEW RECIPE »



Wonderful As a Meal or Snack

AE Dairy Unsweetened Whole Milk YogurtSimply top AE Unsweetened Whole Milk Yogurt with your choice of fresh fruits, nuts or granola. Flavor with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon! 

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

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